Monday, September 25, 2017

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Edmonton’s Old Walterdale Bridge built in 1913 may be reused for other purposes

Removal of the old Walterdale Bridge is underway but the city is still working out how to salvage and repurpose what is not scrapped. Options under consideration include using parts of the old bridge to create art, a river valley lookout or...

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Cannabis and construction: contractors and unions getting ready in Quebec

If the repercussions from the legalization of cannabis by next July 1 are already preoccupying certain workplaces, the topic is of particular interest to areas of work in which health and security questions are omnipresent, such as construction...

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Revised plan for Cordova Bay Plaza in Victoria fails to ease community concerns

Area residents continue to raise concerns about a plan to redevelop the Cordova Bay Plaza and build three four-storey buildings. That includes Colin Millard, who has been speaking out since the initial plans for the plaza were presented in...

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